How to use Pure Aloe Vera for Dry Eyes

Dry eye brings troubles to patients, the symptoms such as burning, itching and redness are terrible. You can take drugs to treat it but supplement such as aloe vera are better choice with less side effect. Here we tell you How to use Pure Aloe Vera for Dry Eyes.

Aloe Vera for dry eye

There are many causes of dry eyes. So nowadays many people are suffering from that disease in the US. The leaves of the aloe plant contain a thick, gel-like substance that can help soothe burns, dry skin and other conditions. Aloe vera gel cannot improve your tear film or increase the amount of tears you produce. You should not place aloe vera gel directly in your eye since this may increase the discomfort and irritation on the surface of your eye. Some aloe vera products may also contain preservatives or other additives, and this may increase irritation, redness and other symptoms of dry eye.

Most doctors will advocate frequent use of artificial tears for dry eye. If artificial tears do not give you adequate relief, your medical doctor may recommend a prescription medication that could encourage tear production. She may also advocate an in-office process to insert punctal plugs in to the opening of the tear duct. This may prevent your tears from draining, maintaining them on the surface of the eye to get a longer period of time.

We suggest you to talk with you doctor before applying aloe vera on your dry eyes. And if your doctor approve you to do that, apply a small amount at first and gradually raise the amount until you got the effect you want. Stop taking that if there is any adverse reaction.

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