How to use Kava to treat anxiety?

Kava plant a common plant in Oceania and has been used there for various purposes for centuries. There are many health benefits of kava supplement, and here we tell you how to use Kava to treat anxiety?

Kava to treat anxiety

As we know, kava plant is an evergreen shrub with light green heart-shaped leaves. It produces berries that include a solitary seed. Male plants produce vertical flowers around six inches tall. The stems have an typical 12 inches and are covered with nodes.

Kava root have been used for the treatment of anxiety for many years. And it is reported that kava supplement have immediate effect for the improvement of anxiety. A study conducted in Germany reveals that kava is effective in treating short-term anxiety; further study will determine benefits of long-term use.

Kava can be taken as tea or in capsules or tablets. The appropriate dose of kava may depend on your age and overall health. The University of Maryland Medical Center suggests taking 100mg to 200mg of kava two to four times daily for a few days only, but this is only a guideline. Ask your doctor what is right for you.

Meanwhile, be careful about the side effects of kava kava supplement, do nottake this herb except under medical supervision.

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