How to Use Kava Kava for Insomnia

Kava Kava is a natural way to aid your sleep. So no matter you have chronic insomnia or only have occasional problems with falling asleep, you can use Kava Kava to improve your condition. Here we tell you how to use Kava Kava for insomnia in detail.

Kava Kava for Insomnia

First of all, we introduce Kava kava briefly. It is a plant which has been widely cultivated throughout the Pacific Islands for hundreds of years. These days, the Kava Kava plant was successfully used for everything from premenstrual syndrome to insomnia.

Kava is approved to be effective for Insomnia. As we know, insomnia brings a lot of problems to us. One effective way to treat insomnia naturally is with herbs, and kava kava is especially beneficial.
Kavalactones is the active ingredient in kava kava is for the treatment of Insomnia. The effects on the kavalactones are mild sedation, vivid dreams in addition to a slight numbing with the mouth and gums. Some evidence suggests it may be as efficient as benzodiazepine drugs for example diazepam.

If you want to use Kava Kava supplement to aid sleep, you should use proper dosage. The typical kava dosage is 250mg before bedtime for insomnia . If your insomnia is due to anxiety, 250mg can be taken one to three times a day.

Kava kava supplement is generally consider to be safe while using to insomnia. But it might bring side effects to some people and in some conditions. We suggest that do not kava with other medications such as tranquilizers or sleeping pills, and do not take with alcohol. Just come to doctor if there is side effects after using Kava Kava supplement.