How to Use Kava Kava for Depression Treatment

Kava kava can be used for drink and can also help to treat some body disorders such as depression. If you suffer from depression and do not want to use traditional anti-anxiety medications, kava kava supplement may be an alternative choice for you. Here we tell you How to Use Kava Kava for Depression Treatment.

Kava Kava for Depression Treatment

  • Step 1: Talk with your doctor and check if it is safe for you to use kava kava. If you have certain medical conditions or taking other medications, may be it it not OK for you to take Kava Kava supplement.
  • Step 2: Choose a proper brand of kava supplement. We suggest you to take supplement with 30% to 70% of kavalactones and take this supplement following instruction.The dosage recommendations on the labels of kava supplements will vary according to the brand. A typical dose may be between 150-300 mg, taken between one to three times daily.
  • Step 3: Probably you will see improvement in your depression within about four weeks. It is advisable which you take a break from your kava usage no longer than 3 months right after starting your dosage. Refrain from making use of kava for about two weeks at this time.
  • Step 4: If there is side effects or signs of possible liver damage, stop taking kava kava supplement and see your doctor immediately.

Here we tell you How to Use Kava Kava for Depression Treatment, have a try if you are interested in that.

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