How to use Goldenseal for Candida disease

Yeast overgrowth lead to Candida infection and might cause gas, bloating, indigestion and even chronic disease. Some herbal supplement is helpful for Candida disease such as goldenseal. Here we tell you how to use Goldenseal for Candida disease.

Goldenseal for Candida disease

Generally speaking, Goldenseal is a plant that belongs to the buttercup family. It is also called Hydrastis. This herbal plant have been used for hundreds of years in folk medicine in American for the treatment of dyspepsia, gastric catarrh and problems in the liver.

Conventional medicine treats candida with antifungal drugs, usually Nystatin. It is also reported that goldenseal is a good supplement for the prevention and treatment of Candida diesase. Goldenseal are used to treat a candida overgrowth. A small capsule of goldenseal is used for treatment, and treatment stops after two weeks because the herb can be toxic in large doses according to a research nowadays.

Compared to the chemical medicines, goldenseal supplement is more safe for Candida disease. So just have a try and you might have good result. Find the best goldenseal supplement here!