How to use Dong Quai for Weight Loss

Dong quai has been used in traditional Chinese for medicine for hundreds of years. It is consider to be female ginseng and benefits a lot for the treatment of menstrual and menopausal symptoms. Modern research show that dong quai may also helpful for obesity and diseases associated with it. Here we tell you How to use Dong Quai for Weight Loss.

Dong Quai for Weight Loss

Dong quai is a fragrant plant and member of the celery family that grows at high altitudes in Asian countries. .It takes up to three years for the plant to reach maturity, and then the roots are harvested and made into tablets, powders and other medicinal formulas. It is reported that dong quai extracts were able to stimulate a protein called APOA4 that helps regulate appetite and satiety in laboratory rats and plays a role in the metabolism of lipid fats.A analysis group treated obese rats with 300?mg dong quai extracts per kilogram of body weight when daily for eight weeks. The rats had substantially decreased amounts of intra-abdominal fat, the variety packed in amongst organs that results in weight achieve and increases your threat for coronary artery disease.

The weight loss function of Dong quai supplement is related to Insulin Resistance.Dong quai have great effects on insulin resistance. 300 mg of dong quai per kg of body weight daily for eight weeks was as effective as the prescription drug pioglitazone, used for Type 2 diabetes, in helping to prevent and reduce insulin resistance.

At present, there is still no recommended dose for dong quai for weight loss as it is still under research. If you want to take Dong quai for weight loss, maybe you need to wait for some years until there is enough research about the safety and the effect of it.

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