How to use Dong Quai for Acne

Acne is a skin problem which brings a lot of problems to suffers especially when it occurs on the face. It is reported that 60 million American suffer from the condition so it is good if there is a good treatment of it. Dong quai has a long history as an herbal remedy in treating female disorders and acne flare-ups. Here we tell you How to use Dong Quai for Acne.

Dong Quai for Acne

Dong quai has a lengthy reputation as a tonic, spice and herbal remedy in the Orient. Today practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine use dong quai to treat a variety of skin conditions including boils and pus-filled acne. The herb contains compounds called coumarins that stimulate blood circulation to the skin and accelerate tissue repair. Dong quai also inhibits the formation of tissue-destructive antibodies at the very beginning of the inflammatory process.” Besides, it is reported that Dong quai supports liver function, so toxins are removed through the stool rather than through the skin. So the acne can be reduced.

If you want to buy Dong quai for the treatment of ance. You can buy powder, capsule, tablet, tincture or tea forms as you want. Or talk with your doctor and pick the most proper dosage for you.

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