How to use 5-HTP for fibromyalgia pain easily

5-HTP is a precursor to serotonin which can be used for patients suffering from fibromyalgia. When the patient takes 5-HTP, the body converts the supplement into serotonin on its own. So you can be away from fibromyalgia without experiencing the side effects of prescription drugs.Here we tell you how to use 5-HTP for fibromyalgia pain easily.

fibromyalgia pain

  • Step 1: Ask doctor’s advice first before treating your fibromyalgia by 5-HTP. You may need to educate your doctor about 5-HTP as ome doctors don’t understand what it is or how it relates to fibromyalgia.
  • Step 2: Cut down or remove any medications or supplements that may possibly be contraindicated with 5-HTP, if needed. Be certain to accomplish this beneath a doctor’s supervision.
  • Step 3: Ask a clerk at your local health food store about 5-HTP formulations. Buy a bottle with capsules in 50 mg doses. Take 50 mg once per day to start. Drink lots of water when you take the 5-HTP.
  • Step 4: Take vitamin C and vitamin B6 together with 5-HTP supplement one week later. Some formulations of 5-HTP include vitamin C and vitamin B6. Buy these formulations on-line or in a health food store.
  • Step 5: Work your way up to a level of 5-HTP that helps you sleep and that leads to reduced pain. This level is different for every patient.

For the fibromyalgia patients who cannot tolerate prescription drugs, 5-HTP can be a valuable tool in fighting pain. Have a try and you will be satisfied with that.

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