How to take low salt foods for your low salt diet

High salt intake increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney stones and osteoporosis. However, according to a survey, nowadays, many people eat more salt than they should have. So it is necessary to know which foods are of low salt, and to keep a low salt diet in order to keep healthy.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a perfect low salt food. So many diet experts suggest taking more fresh or frozen food (eg. avocado, broccoli, cauliflower, melons, peaches, berries and tomatoes) as there is no salt added. The salt naturally exists is limited. For example, 1 apple contains only 1mg of sodium so it is very safe.

low salt foods

Read the labels first if you want to buy processed foods from the local store. At present, many company offer low salt products and the sodium assay will be listed on the label. It is easy to exceed the recommended maximum amount of salt intake if you are eating processed foods, so you should pay special attention to that. We suggest you to choose some low salt processed foods such as vegetables, beans, soups, broths and bouillons etc.

Low salt Breads, Cereals and Grains are another kind of food you can take a low salt diet. Bagels, rolls and breads without salted tops is what you should pick. We suggest you to check the labels in advance, so you can manage your daily sodium intake easily. If you do not add salt while cook rice and pasta, they are also good low salt food.

Dairy is what you should pay attention to while keep a low salt diet. Usually they contain more salt. So remember to buy milk, yogurt, ice cream and low-sodium cheeses rather than high-sodium buttermilk, processed cheese and cottage cheese.

Stay away from restaurant food as they are usually high in sodium. So if you want to eat low salt food at a restaurant, request them to prepare a low salt diet for you in advance. Besides, do not use the salt shaker at the table and limit high-sodium condiments such as ketchup, pickles etc.

2 – 5 grams of salts per day is enough for an adult, but many people take more than this nowadays. So follow us and start a low salt diet from today on.