How to Take Guarana Supplement in 5 steps

Guarana is a berry which is widely used in Brazil for hundreds of years. Now it is very popular and be used as a additive in energy drinks as it help to enhance general alertness, relieve fatigue and exhaustion, and enhance physical performance. If you want to take gurana supplement to improve your performance during activity, we share easy instruction here for your reference. Read below article to know How to Take Guarana Supplement in 5 steps.

How to Take Guarana Supplement

  • Step 1: We suggest you to ask for doctor’s advice before using guarana. Your doctor will have important information regarding dosage, side effects and warnings and give you suggestion based on your personal situation.
  • Step 2: The ability of guarana to provide cognitive enhancement is generally attributed to caffeine.Take one to two capsules before breakfast or lunch to give you more energy and alertness throughout the day.
  • Step 3: If you want to take gurana to relieve diarrhea, just swallow 1 g of guarana about three times a day.
  • Step 4: Take about 480 to 485 mg of guarana once each day as a diuretic. Drink about 8 oz. of a guarana power drink to get a daily power boost. The nutritional value may vary with every brand of power drink, so remember not to exceed 3 g of guarana day-to-day. If a complete can has a lot more than three g of guarana, only drink half or even a quarter on the beverage.
  • Step5: If you just want to take gurana for better health, you can mix a teaspoon of guarana tea with 6 oz. of water and dink 1 to 2 cups a day.

Here we share 5 tips of taking gurana supplement for your reference, if you want to know detail, just contact us or search on the net for detail.