How to take green tea extract powder for weight loss

Green tea extract powder benefits a lot for human body as we introduce before. One of its advantage is for weight loss. Here we explain how to take green tea extract powder for weight loss.

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As we discussed before,matcha green tea powder is rich in a number of antioxidant compounds which is helpful to improve the efficiency of numerous bodily functions. Matcha contains a high concentration of L-theanine, an amino acid that induces a relaxed but focused mental state. The effects of L-theanine complement those of the caffeine also contained in matcha to act as a mild stimulant.

People have done research on the effects of green tea on maintaining a healthy body weight after significant weight loss. It is reported that green tea consumption did not prevent weight regain eventually. A similar study considered the effects of green tea consumption during the weight loss stage.The results showed that green tea did improve initial weight loss. These results are considered to be caused by the caffeine content of the tea. While the weight loss benefits of matcha and other types of green tea are attributed mainly to the caffeine content, the other antioxidants and vitamins in matcha make it a healthy supplement.

So if you want to control weight and gain health way of life. It is a wise idea to take green tea extract powder regularly.

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