How to Take Astragalus Supplement for Better Health

Astragalus supplement is helpful for our health, but only when you take that properly, you can benefit from it a lot. Here we tell you How to Take Astragalus Supplement for Better Health.

Astragalus Supplement for better health

  • Take that properly and follow your doctor’s suggestion always. It is often used with other herbs in traditional Chinese medicine to support the immune system, lower blood pressure and treat diabetes.
  • Consider the results from modern scientific testing. It is reported that astragalus speeds the recovery and extends the life expectancy of patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy. And to be honest, clinical trials of astragalus have been generally poor and there is not too much side effects have been found for this product.
  • Use caution when taking astragalus with other diuretics. It also may increase the effects of anti-viral medication, diabetes medication and blood pressure medication. Astragalus may counteract the effects of immune suppressants.
  • Do not overtake it. Astragalus does not have significant dosage information in Western medicine. A tincture of 3 to 5 ml three times per day also may be recommended. And traditional Chinese medicine also recommends 9 to 15 grams per day as a tea.

Here are 4 tips for you tp Take Astragalus Supplement for Better Health. If you want to know more, just ask for doctor’s advice and he will tell you more about that plant.