How to solve the diva cup problems while using

The Diva Cup is a great tool for women during menstrual period. It is usually made of silicone material, and it is safer for women’s bodies than the bleached cotton used to make tampons. Although the Diva Cup is less expensive than disposable feminine products. However, the main problem of dive cup is how to place it correctly, here we list the main placement problems of dive cup for your reference.

diva cup problems

  • First of all, it is very important for you to find a Comfortable Position, or you will have big problem while using it. Generally speaking, inserting the Diva Cup is similar to inserting a tampon. Sitting on the toilet provides a good platform to relax the pelvic muscles. A position that works is characterized by the ability to be comfortable and relaxed.
  • It is also very important for you to insert the cup correctly. According to the official website if the Dive cup, we suggest you to fold the cup in a “U” by pushing one side of the cup into itself. Working with the index finger to guide the cup, and then to release the fold as soon as inserted can ameliorate any placement difficulties. A woman’s expertise in the particulars of her body will help a fantastic deal in how the cup is pushed in; for a lot of women, pushing slightly back towards the tailbone and slightly up positions the cup securely about the cervix. The cup is then rotated numerous instances to create a seal and hold the cup in location.
  • It will be quite helpful if you have master the alternative insertion methods. If the “U” fold fails, an effective alternative is to fold the cup so that the overall shape is a cone with a slanted base. Fold the cup by first pushing one side into the other and then aligning the rims unevenly: the side folded in will be lower. The side with the folds is inserted first for optimal placement
  • Finally, you also should be careful and avoid the problems while empty the Diva Cup. You have to know that emptying the cup can present more placement woes. Pinching the stem and working with the index finger to push around the side in the cup and break the seal removes the cup. The stem is pulled to get rid of and empty in to the toilet or even the shower. The important to secure placement soon after emptying would be to moisten the cup with water. When faced with emptying and reinserting the cup in a public toilet, prepare by bringing wet wipes. This can present adequate lubricant to insert and create a seal.

Here we briefly tell you to solve the diva cup problems while using, hope you the above information can be helpful for you.