How to relieve Dry Eye symptoms caused by computer?

Today more and more people work in from of computer. It is reported that in the nowadays many people spend more than 8 hours a day in front of screens such as computer monitors, TVs, cellphones, tablets. Extensive exposure to screen monitors is the main cause of dry eye symptoms and will make it worse. However, today most can not escape from the computer as it is necessary during work and life. But do not be afraid of that, doing a couple of things can be quite helpful. Here we tell you how to relieve Dry Eye symptoms caused by computer.

dry eye caused by computer

Dry eye is a very common and usually benign condition that is characterized by a disturbance of the tear film. This abnormality may result in disruption of the ocular surface, causing a variety of symptoms and signs and interference with quality of life.

The most common thing you can do is to adjust the monitor. The brighter the monitor, the more your pupils have to close down and adjust, reducing the number of blinks per minute and resulting in eye problems.It is good to reduce the brightness of your screen so that it is almost the same as your environment. When working on detailed documents that require a high level of focus, the level of concentration goes up and your brain will reduce the number of blinks. You can purchase eye glasses with an anti-reflective coating or add an anti-glare shield to your monitor

It is also a good idea to adjust your environment. Most people work with one to two eye-leveled monitors and full brightness without realizing how harmful this is to our eyesight. If you suffer from dry eye, try lowering your screen monitor. We suggest you to try to avoid fluorescent lighting as it increases glare. A desk lamp or floor lamp will be much pleasant on your eyes as long as it is not aiming directly at your face or your screen.