How to maximum calories burned on elliptical machine

Elliptical trainer is a good cardio exercise equipment which builds muscles as well as burn your fat. Many people opt elliptical machine as they want to lose weight. So it is necessary to know the calories burned on elliptical machine, as the more you consumed, the more weight you will lose. Here we tell you how to maximum calories burning effectively.

While moving on your elliptical machine with your legs, also do an upper workout by moving the handlebars with your hand. This enables you to exercise both your leg muscles and your arm muscles. The calories burned will be increased.

We also suggest you to increase your resistance level in order to burn more calories. When you increase the resistance level, your muscles must work harder if you want to keep exercising at the same rate, which needs more power as well as more calories.However, before you do that to challenge yourself, make sure that you can be competent at such level, or it will just be the opposite to what we wished.

Elliptical machine caloriesAnother good idea is to raise the incline higher than before. The higher the incline, the more calories you will burn while doing exercise. Also consider if you can handle the level before you want to challenge that.

For lazy people who do not want to do different setting, you can use a programmed workout on the machine (eg, Schwinn a40 elliptical trainer includes 6 level of workout). Usually there are pre setted goals such as cardiovascular health, calorie burning or muscle burning. Just picks the one you need, and starts a programmed workout.

Do interval training to boost your metabolism and burn more calories on the elliptical machine. It is approved that you will get a better outcome by combining with slower activity together with short bursts of fast activity. So just repeat the intervals 5 times or more while working out.

In order to maximum calories burned on elliptical machine, the last thing you should do be to stick to your plan, and never give up.