How to Make Reishi Tea at home in 5 steps

Reishi mushroom is considered to be the most powerful and versatile drug available. Here we tell you how to Make Reishi Tea at home in 5 steps.

Make Reishi Tea at home

  • Step 1:Buy reishi mushrooms (Read Best Reishi Mushroom Powder Review Here)online or from local health food store first. Check the reputation of the supplier and make sure you are getting a good quality mushroom. Buy only a small amount at first because they are quite expensive and you must test for an allergic reaction before consuming the daily amount recommended.
  • Step 2: Soak one reishi mushroom overnight to soften it. It features a very hard husk which might be covered using a sporous powder. Do not wash this powder off because it has strong healing properties. If you can’t soak it overnight, spot it within a pot to simmer for 4 to six hours ahead of preparing tea. Usually do not use aluminum pots to soak or boil the mushrooms in.
  • Step 3: Then cool the mushroom, cut up itinto small pieces and place in a pot with two quarts of water. Boil slowly for one to two hours, and keep vaporization to a minimum. If you keep them in the refrigerator, one pot of reishi tea should last at least five days. ,
  • Step 4: It is necessary to test for an allergic reaction before drinking that regularly. It has a very bitter flavor so you might want to add honey or some kind of sweet fruit juice. If there are no adverse effects take a little more each day until you are drinking one to two ounces each morning and evening.
  • Step 5: Reishi supplement can help for the treatment of many kind of disorder such as bronchitis, neurosis, nervous tension, hepatitis, blood circulation etc. Take the proper quantity based on your own situation.

Here are easy 5 steps for you to Make Reishi Tea at home. Start now!