How to Make Echinacea Tincture yourself in 5 steps

Echinacea is a great herbal plant which benefits a lot for cold and flu prevention and treatment. It is a natural way and have less side effect that drugs. You can purchase Echinacea root and flowers from health food stores or online and make Echinacea Tincture yourself at home. Here we tell you How to Make Echinacea Tincture yourself in 5 steps.

Make Echinacea Tincture

Step 1: Dig echinacea roots up with a garden hand-fork or buy that online or from local store. Wash them and chop them and then take two cups of echinacea root to use..

Step 2: Measure two cups of 100 proof (50% by volume) good-quality vodka to the two cups of washed and chopped echinacea root and mix with each other inside a big glass screw-top jar.

Step 3: Put the jar in a cool dark place, shake them daily and store it for six weeks away from sunlight.

Step 4: Strain the liquid from the roots after six weeks of extraction. Pour through two layers of cheesecloth into a sterilized glass jar. Discard the used roots.

Step 5: transfer fresh echinacea tincture into individual amber-colored dropper bottles by pipette. Cap tightly and place a shrink band on the neck of each amber bottle and use the hairdryer to seal each one in a couple of seconds.

Echinacea is widely known for its antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial function, echinacea tincture keeps well in a cool dark place for up to two years. Make some yourself, and you can use whenever you want.

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