How to make a flexitarian diet plan?

If you want to be a flexitarian, the first thing is to make a good flexitarian diet plan by minimizing the meat intake. A good flexitarian diet plan is a good choice for these who keep healthy but do not want to give up meat forever. Healthy vegetables, healthy calories and healthy protein are necessary to a successful flexitarian diet plan, here we have some advice for you.

Healthy Calories intake for flexitarian

If your purpose is to lose weight, you should pay attention to the daily calorie intake of your flexitarian diet plan. Although a flexitarian diet contains no meat, it also contains a a lot of calories, so if you eat more, you can not achieve your goal. Generally speaking, if you want to lose weight, reduce your daily calorie intake to around 1,500 calories and also do some exercise to burn fat.

Healthy Vegetables for flexitarian

It is a healthy way of live to replace meat you eat before with healthy fruits and vegetables . Picture your plate divided in half then one of the halves divided into half once more. If you eat, fill the largest portion of one’s plate with fruits and vegetables. Fill each and every from the smaller sized portions with entire grains and protein. In other words, vegetables really should always make up about 50 % of one’s total meal.

flexitarian diet plan

We suggest you to eat vegetables in a variety of colors and avoid fried or sauced vegetables. Besides, in order to reduce the stress out of changing your diet, you can start by eating some protein-rich veggies such as bean products.

Healthy Protein for flexitarian

We know that the key to flexiarian diet plan is to reduce the meat intake. But we also know that we get more protein our body need by meat. How to solve this problem? We suggest your to get these protein form vegetarian sources such as beans, nuts and seeds. For instance, a 7-ounce serving of chickpeas has 16 grams of protein, a 5-ounce serving of tofu has a little more than 10 grams of protein and a boiled egg has 7.5 grams of protein. You body need around 50 grams of protein everyday, so just eat a proper quantity and stay away from meat if possible.

The above suggestion is principle for you to make flexitarian diet. Follow this and carry out your own plan based on your body situation.