How to Fight Colds by Astragalus?

There are many cold and flu prevention medications on the market, and Astragalus is just one good choice among them. It is an herb used for thousands of years and can be used to enhance the immune system and help fight respiratory infections. Here we tell you How to Fight Colds by Astragalus.

Fight Colds by Astragalus

Astragalus supplements comes in different forms, including capsule, tablet or dried herbs for tea. You can pick the one you prefer.

You can take Astragalus tea to reduce symptoms of an existing cold or flu and to improve immunity. Use 1 tbsp. of the dried herb and steep in warm water would be pretty good.

Just take Astragalus pills when there is signs of cold. We suggest you to take 200 mg once or twice a day until the symptoms subside. If suffering from acute bronchitis, takes 200 mg four times a day until the symptoms go away.

Astragalus supplement help to boost the benefits of astragalus by combining it with other herbs such as echinacea, ginseng or licorice. So you can combine these together if necessary.

If you take Astragalus supplements in the colder months, it help to reduce the chance of stress on the immune system and the overall health as stress from daily life can break down the immune system and cause more sever illness.

Here are some tips for you to Fight Colds by Astragalus. Hope that information can be useful for you.

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