How to do roman chair workout in 4 steps


Roman chairs workout benefits a lot to people’s health, so in our point of view, regular roman chair exercise is necessary and you should do more than 2 times per week. Here we tell you how to do roman chair workout in 4 steps.

  • Step 1: First of all, hang from the chin-up bar and your arms should be a little wider than shoulder. It is perfect for those who can reach the ground by pointing your toes. This is the starting process.
  • Step 2: Then raise your knees until they form a ninety degree angle. You must do this slowly or your body will start to swing back and forth, which will take the focus off your abdominal area. When your knees are in the right position, it will appear that you are sitting on a chair of air.
  • Step 3: Lower your legs back to an extended position. Again, move slowly and steadily using a great deal of control. You need to uncurl your pelvis without bending your body any more than necessary. Your abs should help you slowly let your legs down without dropping them.
  • Step 4: Then repeat the above steps as many times as you wish.

For those who began to do such roman chair exercise, we suggest you start from the most simple way and then gradually increase the difficulty. It is not difficult and you will learn how to use it for exercise easily.

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