How to do prone jackknife exercise?

For those who want to strengthen the abs muscles, prone jackknife exercise one you can try. As a complete body workout that targets muscles group all over the bod, prone jackknife help to train your shoulders, arms, chest, core, lower body, thighs and legs during exercise. While doing prone jackknife exercise, proper technique can maximum the effect. So here we give simple advice on how to do prone jackknife exercise effectively.

prone plank exercises

  • Step 1: First of all, start that by lying on the ball and roll yourself out so that the ball is supporting your shins or feet and your hands are on the ground out in front of you.
  • Step 2: Then keep your abs engaged, bend your knees and bring them towards your chest. You should keep your hips elevated slightly, hold the tuck position for a while and then put them back to a original position.
  • Step 3: Repeat the above steps 8-12 times every time, and do 3 – 5 times every week. You can use a smaller exercise ball and perform with your toes on the ball in order to increase the difficulty.

Here we tell you How to do prone jackknife exercise effectively. Try that and hope you can benefit from our guide.