How to do foam roller IT band exercise

For those who do sports a lot, there will be many kind of injuries such as shin splints, nagging injuries in their hips and the IT band etc. Here we just talk about the IT band injuries and tell you how to do foam roller IT band exercise to prevent it from happening. As we know, rolling your IT band can be an effective way to reduce the muscle tension as well as IT band injuries. Here we tell you how to do.

foam roller IT band exercise

First of all, you should know that if you do the IT Band exercise for the first time, it might be uncomfortable. But if you continue to do that regularly, you will find that there will be a great improvement and like it a lot. Just follow the below steps, and you can do foam roller IT band exercise easily at home.

  • Step 1:Lay on your side, placing the foam roller slightly below your hip joint with your fore arm resting on the ground.
  • Step 2: Cross your top leg overtop of your bottom leg which should be raised off of the floor.
  • Step 3: Roll for 20-30 seconds starting from below the hip joint to the top of your knee.
  • Step 4:Try to keep your bottom leg relaxed while rolling.

Just simply follow the above 4 steps, and you can easily do foam roller IT band exercise at home.

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