How to do foam roller exercises for ITB Syndrome

ITB Syndrome is a kind of nagging injury that is common to active people such as runners, It can be painful but still it can be treated if you can spend some time and money. Here we gives you the cheapest way. It is proved that you can use a foam roller to treat ITB syndrome by yourself. It is reported that foam rolling can help get you relaxed and ready to go and improve ITB Syndrome effectively.

foam roller itb

First of all, we tell you what ITB is. ITB short of Iliotibial Band, it is a piece of connective tissue that runs the length of the thigh. It is primarily responsible for the stabilization of the knee while running. These with ITB matters might have a lack of flexibility in the ITB.

ITB syndrome is recognized as pain located around the outside of the knee that becomes worse while exercising, specifically running. If you experience this type of pain, stop running and ice the area. Rest and stretch the area fully before your next training session.

Foam Roller help you to improve ITB Syndrome effectively. You can do self-myofascial release by that equipment. Foam roller usually come in different lengths and widths, you can pick the right one and start your exercise process.

Here we also tell you how to foam roller exercises for ITB Syndrome AT HOME.

  • Step 1: Place the foam roll on the ground and place the outside of your thigh on the roll so that you can roll the length of your thigh.
  • Step 2: Place your hands on the floor and use them to pull your body back and forth over the affected area of your leg for a minute.
  • Step 3: Do not roll over bone, just muscle. Roll over both legs a few times a day.

Here is How to do foam roller exercises for ITB Syndrome, hope that can be helpful for you. Buy the best foam roller and do regular exercise from now on.