How to do cupping for cellulite?

Cupping is traditional Chinese method operates under similar principals as acupuncture. It is an good therapy for cellulite as well as weight loss. Here we introduce how to do cupping for cellulite.

cupping for cellulite

Traditional Cupping is most widely used in the past. It use heat in order to create suction when applied to the body. These cups resemble small jars that fit easily into the palm of the hand.

In order to achieve the heat, a therapist can use a variety of methods: through holding a wand with a lit cotton ball on the end, then applying the cup to the back, or using a metal wand to heat the cup, then applying to the back.

While the cup cools fairly quickly, the heat from the flame helps to create suction when the cup is applied. The cups are placed on your body: most commonly your back, but also the legs or arms, and left for a period of time.

The principal behind this technique is that the cups unblock the qi and stimulate circulation and decrease sickness. This encourages fat loss by assisting to restore stomach function and cut down appetite. The extra byproduct of feeling significantly less stressed may possibly also help to lessen overeating habits.

If you are afraid of the heat or be especially sensitive to its effects.You can try manual vacuum Cups. These cups have a manual “pull” that creates a vacuum. Compared to traditional cups, these cups are first placed on the body, then the vacuum effect is created. Compared to traditional cupping method, manual vacuum is a little gentler.It is useful in those with sensitive skin.

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Here we briefly introduce how to do cupping for cellulite. For family use, we suggest you to do vacuum cups as it is easy to do and safe. It is somehow effective according to the research.