How to carry out effective low sodium diet plan

It is widely accepted that all of the sodium the body needs for health can be acquired from a proper diet. However, just as we described before, the present sodium intake is too much for most of the people in the US. Here we tell you how to carry out effective low sodium diet plan for you.

Create a rough outline of your meals at the beginning of every week. Create your outline on paper or use a spreadsheet program and make a column for each day of the week. You can go to your doctor or physician for advice and plan to eat appropriate foods for each meal for a week.

Choose 2-3 servings of low sodium dairy each day. Some suitable low sodium diet program foods for the dairy serving involve a single ounce of low-sodium cheese, one particular cup of low fat milk, half cup low-sodium cottage cheese, or one particular cup of soy milk.

low sodium diet plan

Opt for 2-3 servings of low sodium protein per day. Great low sodium diet program foods for the protein serving contain 2-3 ounces of fish, poultry, shellfish or meat, half cup peas or beans, half cup low sodium canned fish which include tuna or salmon, or one egg ready any way you decide on.

Decide on a minimum of six servings of breads and grains every day. Select anyone serving of a low sodium bread, roll, bagel, or English muffin, half cup rice or pasta, or a single serving of low sodium crackers.

Consume sweets and snacks through on a low sodium diet program, as they often include higher amounts of salt. Select from 1 ounce of unsalted nuts, half cup low sodium pretzels, three cups unsalted popcorn, a slice of angel food cake, one cup of sherbet, or one popsicle.
Here is just a low sodium diet plan, you can adjust the amount based on your own situation, and carry out your own plan then.

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