How to burn belly fat in a week

Many people complain that they have spend thousands of dollars on fitness machines but can not lose belly fat fast as they want. Many machine promise that you can lose belly fat in a week by using that, but it proved to be fake. Then how to burn belly fat in a week? Is there a good way to that?

burn belly fat in a week

In our point of view, in order to lose belly fat fast in a week, you should do the 3 below things: take proper diet and nutrition, do regular cardiovascular exercise, and do weight training or resistance exercise.

  • Proper diet means eating the right food and stay away from unhealthy fat and calories. Take more fruits, vegetables, protein and fiber. As we know, salt always leads to water retention, and will makes your belly a lot bigger.In order to lose belly fat fast, you have to greatly reduce the amount of salt in your diet. Besides, it is important to stay away from junk food as it contains a lot of calories.
  • In order to lose belly fat in a week , cardiovascular exercises are also necessary as they use oxygen to metabolize or generate energy in the body. Intense cardiovascular exercises consume the calories and will help you to burn fat. According to a research, high-intensity cardiovascular exercises such as step aerobics, swimming, sprinting, spinning and jump rope can help burn belly fat fast. So we suggest you to do regular exercises at least a hour every day.
  • Weight training or resistance exercise is also important and it is the key to lose belly fat within one week. If you want to achieve fat loss rapid, you might have to combine diet plan and cardiovascular workouts using a solid weight instruction program, due to the fact it burns quite a bit of fats and calories. We recommend you to begin with low intensity resistance education, and gradually increase your level as you go through your plan.

Here we tell you how to lose belly fat in 1 week. Do the above 3 things strictly, and ask your fitness trainer’s advice if possible.