How Arnica Gel Works as Pain Relief

Arnica Gel works well as pain relief. Does it really works as you said, how it works? Here we do brief explanation for your reference.

We tell you how your body produces pains now to start.

First of all, the inflammatory conditions activated nl-kappa-b factor in body cells. Then cells produce arachidonic acid (aa) as well as enzymes cox-1, cox-2 and 5-lox process the arachidonic acid . Finally the enzymes produce pain mediator chemicals and lead to PAIN.

Conventional pain relief medications address the pain path from the side of enzymes. Some of these medications block cox-1 and some cox-2 enzymes.Although, as these enzymes also have effect on blood clothing intestinal bleeding or increased blood clothing.

Arnica gel does not works the same. It works basically at the beginning of pain. This comes with its helenalin content which inhibits the nl-kappa-b factor in cells. This then reduces the production of archadonic acid from body cells. The end result is a significant drop-down in pain produced on the pain path.

Due to the fact that the gel is a natural remedy, its above anti-inflammatory, pain relief benefits comes without real side effects. This is why the arnica gel makes a very powerful anti-inflammatory, pain relieving gel which is excellent for almost any pain like arthritis, back pain or joint pain. It is a real natural pain relief solution.