Healthy weight gain during pregnancy

Someone said it is useful to gain weight, but some said not. Underweight means insufficient nutrient to your baby, and too much weight will cause high birth weight. So our advice is to gain weight healthily and properly during pregnancy. Just put on weight in a healthy way, so your baby can grow up healthily. Here we share a healthy weight gain during pregnancy advice.

Keep healthy eating habits before you get pregnant and during pregnancy. And cut down on sweets and fatty foods with little nutritional value. You can eat a little more when became pregnant, but not eat too much and do not eat junk food.

Come to a doctor to see how much weight you should gain during pregnancy. According to a research, the average weight gain for women 25 to 35 pounds, it is healthy weight gain value during pregnancy. But that depends, if you are overweight or underweight, the number can be more or less..

weight gain pregnancyDo not add too many calories intake to daily diet. 200 calories each day is enough. If you have already eaten a healthy balanced and nutritional diet, you do not need to make big change after pregnancy.

Take healthy foods with high in protein and good fats such as peanut butter, avocados, fatty fish and nuts.

Healthy weight gain during pregnancy is good for mom and baby. Just gain around 5 pounds more at the first 3 month, and then 0.5 – 1 pounds every week. Always come to doctor for advice, and keep a good habit.