Healthy fat foods: the healthy sources of fat

Healthy fat such as Omega-3 benefits a lot for people’s health. You can get it by eating fish oil soft gel, but the better way is to get it from healthy fat foods, follow a balanced diet and you also can lower the risks of heart disease. Here we share the healthy sources of fat for you.

Seafood is the primary source of Omega-3. We suggest you to eat that frequently especially fattier fish as it contains more. For example, sardines and anchovies are a good choice, but you can also choose cold water fish such as bluefin tuna, mackerel, halibut, herring, and so on.

healthy fat foodBeans and leafy green vegetable also contain Omega-3. According to research, beans, kidney, pinto, Mungo and soybeans contain omega-3 in a large quantity. So if you do not like to have seafood as you cannot accept having the smell of fish. This will be a good alternate. Besides, some fruit such as papaya and cantaloupe also supplies Omega-3.

Besides, nuts are also healthy sources of fat which contain large quantity. You can pick walnuts, pine nuts, almonds, flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds as you want. The omega-3s in nuts is good for preventing high blood pressure from happening.

Omega-3 is necessary for the one who wants to prevent cardiovascular disease from happening. And for those who want to gain weight, healthy fat foods are also a good choice. Following our guide and take the above healthy sources of fat instead of buying pills from the pharmacy, you will get better effect.