Healthy calorie intake for men

It is widely accepted that to control your calorie is the most important factor to control your weight. For for the one who wants to wish to lose weight fast, it is important to maintain a healthy calorie intake so you can achieve your goal. Here we share some tips about healthy calorie intake for men to lose weight effectively.

First of all, calculate your BMR and ensure how many calories you need daily. It is not easy if you want to calculate it manually, as the BMR value is related to some variables such as height, weight, age and fitness level. However, you do not need to calculate it your self. You can get the value easily by using our “Online BMR Calculator” here.

Based on daily calorie intake value. It is time to calculate how many calories you need to reduce everyday. As 1lb of fat contains 3500 calories, so in order to lose 1lb weight, you need to take 700 calories less every day. You can reduce more calories if you want to lose weight fast. However, it is suggestecalorie intake mend that does not plan to lose more than 3 lbs per week. 1lb a week is the suggested value, and if you lose more, there will be risk. Keep in mind that 1200 calories are the minium calories in taking one should have every day, do not take less than that in order to keep healthy.

Exercise is what we always consider in a healthy calorie intake plan. In order to lose weight, start your exercise plan and stick to it. Do regular cardiovascular exercise and pick a good calorie counter to monitor it. Reduce calories intake helps you to lose weight, and does more exercise helps to consume more calories, so it is also helpful. For example, 6.5 miles running burn 700 calories in all.

It is more important to take healthy calorie intake for men than to lose weight fast. So always consult with your physician or doctor if you want to start a significant diet-and-exercise plan.