Healthy BMI for children

BMI is also an operational tool to evaluate the health of children. And it is more complicate to tell a healthy BMI for children than adult as the child is growing fast.

Generally speaking, BMI in children ranges from 12 to 34, so we cannot tell you an exact range of healthy BMI for children. It is related to the child’s exact age, gender, the height etc. And it is almost impossible for us to say exactly what a healthy BMI is.

We can share you a healthy BMI chart for children to reference (From HealthChartsForYou website).

Healthy BMI for children

But we suggest you to ask for doctors advice, as even this chart is not totally right. Different child has different actual condition. It is difficult to say. After knowing the normal BMI of child, you can judge if your kid is in the range.

Overall, it is important for children to maintain a healthy body weight and keep a healthy BMI level. It is reported that teen obesity ratio is raising these days. And in order to control that, we should use the BMI tool and monitor the health level of your kid always.