Health benefits of yoga torso twist

Yoga torso twist provides various of benefits to people’s body and mind. As we know, by doing twisting poses in yoga, you can not only develop flexibility in the spine, but also increase circulation and cleanse the internal organs. Here we introduce the health benefits of yoga torso twist in detail.

yoga torso twist benefits

  • First of all, Yoga torso twist help to increase our flexibility. If you sit at an office desk or in a car for a long time everyday, there will be problems to your tissues, muscles, tendons and ligaments, which will result in limiting joint mobility. By doing Yoga torso twist exercise, you can increase the flexibility in the spine, hips, shoulders and abdomen.
  • Additionally, Yoga torso twist help to improve Yoga practice. A flexible spine can help you to go deeper in many foundational yoga poses. Poses that aren’t traditionally thought of as twists require strong rotation in the torso as the chest is opened and expanded. Increased strength and flexibility in the obliques from twisting can also help yogis tackle more advanced poses.
  • Besides, Yoga torso twist help is an effective organ cleansing exercise. Twists compress the internal organs and glands with the torso, forcing out metabolic-waste. When the stress is released, fresh blood wealthy with oxygen flows back into the organs, using a cleansing impact. Besides, twists also can assistance diminish constipation by putting pressure on the descending colon.

Here we introduce the main 3 health benefits of yoga torso twist. We suggest you to check with a professional if you are pregnant, or experiencing a peptic ulcer or a hernia.