Health benefits of yoga spinal twist

Yoga is a popular exercise what offers a wide range of benefits to your health. There are various of yoga pose, and each of them have different benefits because they use different muscles and joints. Here we tell you the health benefits of yoga spinal twist.

yoga torso twist benefits

  • First of all, yoga spinal twist help to improve spinal mobility. As we know, the range of movement of the joints will be reduced with the age. If you sit in a desk for long time, it will have side effect on your spinal mobility and cause back pain. Yoga twists can help to mobilize the joints of your spine by rotating each vertebrae gently. To improve spine mobility, perform yoga twists in a slow but rhythmical fashion, rotating to your left and right.
  • Secondly, yoga spinal twist help to improve help to improve flexibility. Generally speaking, yoga twists increase the flexibility of your oblique or waist muscles, your abdominals and your back muscles. In order to increase your flexibility, try to twist a little more each time to perform your yoga poses and increase the stretch slightly as you relax in time with your exhalations.
  • Additionally, yoga spinal twist also works well for your internal health. It is widely accepted that the yoga spinal twist is good for the liver, kidneys, stomach, pancreas and spleen. Twisting poses can also help decrease abdominal bloating and digestive discomfort. Carry out no less than a single twisting yoga pose every day to improve the overall health of the internal organs.
  • Finally, yoga twists can help you eliminate tension from deep within your body. This physical tension can show itself as emotional stress.

Here are 4 health benefits of yoga spinal twist, start your workout plan it you want to have some of that.