Health benefits of Saw Palmetto on Kidneys

Saw palmetto is a popular supplement which can be used a natural treatment for conditions such as enlarged prostate. It can also be used to decrease inflammation and boost immunity. Besides, saw palmetto may also benefits to other organs of your body such as kidneys. Here we tell the Health benefits of Saw Palmetto on Kidneys in detail.

Saw Palmetto benefits on Kidneys

Generally speaking, saw palmetto supplement is used to decrease the size of an enlarged prostate gland. But nowadays, saw palmetto is also used to treat colds, coughs and other respiratory conditions although there is not enough scientific evidence to support these uses. It is believed that Saw Palmetto benefits a lot on Kidneys, but still need more researches.

Prostate Disease and is closely related to the kidneys. Prostate disease generally occurs in men who are at old age. Because the prostate gland becomes enlarged, it might impair the functioning of surrounding organs and structures, including the bladder and urinary tract. In the event the prostate enlarges adequate to location pressure on a portion of the urinary tract, you’re not able to effectively empty your bladder. This can lead to infection in the urinary tract and, subsequently, the kidneys. Impaired urinary functioning can also result in the development of kidney stones.

It is reported that saw palmetto can produce a form of testosterone that can cause the prostate to enlarge and can help relieve urinary symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate. This can help reduce urinary frequency and help improve your ability to empty your bladder fully. As a result of this urinary benefit, your risk of developing a kidney infection or kidney stones may be decreased.

If you want to use Saw Palmetto to improve kidney conditions, be careful about its risks. Side effects of using this Saw Palmetto herb might include stomach upset and headache. Saw palmetto can also affect your body’s ability to absorb iron, and it can mimic the effects of hormones in your body. Saw palmetto also has natural blood-thinning properties and can impair or increase the effect of blood-thinning medications. We suggest you to talk with doctor before taking saw palmetto supplement in order to stay away from potential risks.

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