Harvoni: New treatment for hepatitis c

Gilead Sciences’s new drug for hepatitis c was approved by FDA recently. The drug is called Harvini, and it is the first medication that doesn’t require that the antiviral drugs interferon or ribavirin be taken at the same time.

Harvoni FOR hep C treatment

image source: http://www.gilead.com

What are the benefits of Harvoni? This drug is for oral use and probably can replace the injection therapy of hepatitis c. Gilead Sciences said that the Harvoni is based on the product Sovaldi, which sells very well on the market at present. Combine with the Sovaldi with Ledipasvir, the orange pill works quite effective for hepatitis C disease.

The most common side effects of Harvoni were fatigue and headache. It is not very serious during the treatment. Another problem is that the price of this treatment is very high, so maybe it will not be widely accepted shortly. For example, the treatment of hepatitis c usually will last for 8 weeks, and the cost of Harvoni would be as much as 94,500 USD.

Gilead Sciences said the this revolutionary drug is so effective and can prevent liver cancer from happening, and it can prevent the liver transplant as well, which might cost much more money.

Harvoni was evaluated in three clinical studies involving more than 1,500 people who either hadn’t been treated previously or hadn’t responded to prior treatment. Compared to the drug Sovaldi, the Harvoni works better in clinical research, and the cure rate is higher. So the doctors and patients are looking forward to Harvoni on the market.

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