Fructose OR Maltodextrin, which sweetener is better?

As we know, both Fructose and Maltodextrin are common sweeteners that are widely used in the US. If you take too much or them, both sugar might bring side effects. Here we make brief comparison of the two and tell you which is better.

Fructose OR Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin is made from processed corn, potato or wheat starch by hydrolysis. It is found in canned goods and snack foods as sugar substitute. It is consider to be suger free. Although maltodextrin is usually considered to be safe. SOmetimes it might cause diarrhea. It is also reported that Maltodextrin might adversely affect those with gluten sensitivities, the gluten protein is eliminated during processing, rendering Maltodextrin safe for consumption.

Fructose is the form of simple sugar present in honey and fruit. Low on the glycemic index, it doesn’t cause spikes in blood sugar as glucose does, so fructose is a popular substitute among low-carb dieters.You body will convert small doses of fructose into energy. If you take too much fructose. The liver, converts the sugar into fat instead of energy and you will be over-weighted..

Fructose OR Maltodextrin, which sweetener is better? The answer is different for different people. SO if you want to know which is better for you, just consider your own body situation first. If you do not want to get extra fat, the Maltodextrin is a better choice, if you are with gluten sensitivities, then fructose will be better for you.