Foods to eat to gain weight

Food is an important factor for the one who wants to gain weight. Junk food can help you put on weight but it is not a healthy way, so here we just introduce healthy foods for you to gain weight.

Protein shakes is good food for weight gain. Protein is necessary nutrition for human body which is essential for your hair, skin and muscles etc. It is approved that protein shakes can help a lot of person to gain weight. So we strongly recommend you to buy protein shakes powder on line or at your local store, and eat them regularly.

gain weight foodsPasta is a regular food and help for weight gain, which contains a lot of carbohydrates and delicious. According to a research, people who eat a lot of more pasta are usually heavier. So we also suggest you to take more pasta in order to put on weight. Of course, for the one who wants to lose weight, just eat less of it.

Milk provides a lot of useful nutrition such as protein, vitamins and calcium etc. Drink organic milk regularly benefits a lot for the human body and help to improve immune function and overall health.

Nuts are suggested by most doctors to those who what to gain weight. Nuts contains a lot of Omega-3 fats, which are good for heart and brain. You can take pine nuts, almonds, and peanuts everyday. It provides extra energy, and brings you extra weight meanwhile.

For the one who is underweight because of nourishment deficiency because of poor appetite or an eating disorder, we suggest you to ask dietician’s advice as he ca give suggestion on foods to eat to gain weight based on your personal situation.