Foam roller exercises for women

We have shared foam roller exercises for men before and here we also tell you how to do foam roller exercise for women. Just take some minutes every day, and you will benefit from foam roller a lot.

Foam roller exercises women

  • How to do Calves exercise by foam roller? First of all, please sit on the floor with hands on the floor behind you supporting your weight and your legs straight out. Then [lace the foam roller under your calves and slowly roll along the back of your legs up and down from your knees to your ankles.
  • How to do Hamstrings exercise for women by foam roller? Sit together with your right leg around the roller; bend your left knee, cross your left ankle more than your proper ankle, and put your hands around the floor behind you . Roll up and down out of your knee to just below your correct butt cheek .
  • How to do Back exercise by foam roller. First of all, please sit on the floor with the foam roller on your lower back, resting your hands behind you for balance. And then tighten your abs and slowly bend your knees to move the roller up your back, just below your shoulder blades.
  • How to work your Quads by foam roller exercise? Lie facedown on the floor and place the roller under your hips and then lean on your right leg and roll up and down from your hip to your knee. Switch legs.
  • How to workout your Outer Thighs by foam roller exercise? It is actually effortless for women to perform the outer thighs, just lie on your side with the roller beneath your ideal hip and then gradually roll down from your hip to your knee. Lastly switch to the other side and repeat.
  • How to workout your Shoulders and Sides by foam roller exercise for women? First of all, lie on your back with the roller behind your shoulders, and then lace your fingers loosely behind your head and lean your upper back into the roller. The next step is to brace your abs and glutes for stability, and slowly press into the roller on your left side, raising your right shoulder. Roll from your underarms to the bottom of your rib cage and then return to the center and switch sides.
  • At last, we tell you how to do Butt exercise for women by foam roller. It is also easy to do. Just sit on the roller and cross your right leg over your left knee and lean toward the right hip. Then slowly roll one butt cheek over the roller and then switch sides.

Here are several Foam roller exercises for women, you can follow some of them and do that regularly and daily.