Fitter first 20″wobble board Reviews

This Fitter first 20″wobble board is a good board for the development of balance, coordination, core strength as well as knee and ankle strength. Here we make review for that in detail for your reference.

Fitterfirst Professional Balance Board - 20"

by Fitterfirst [Fitterfirst]
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Price: $89.95


Fitter first 20″wobble board is a good equipment for you to unlock potential. If works well for both beginner and experienced players. Keep using it for months and you will feel better. Below you can see the detail information of it.

fitness wobble board

  • 20″ diameter board included
  • Adjusts to 10, 12 and 15 Degree Angles.
  • Improve balance & coordination easily
  • Increase core strength & stability effectively
  • Made of a durable 3/4″ Baltic Birch and feature our patented Tri-Level adjustment system.


This Fitter first 20″wobble board is of high quality with high strength as well as good looking.

It is durable and can probably be used for 10 years or longer.

You can easy to adjust ball level as you want.


The only downside is that the price is a little high.

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Customer Review

Fitter first 20″wobble board is with very sturdy construction. We bought it to add to our general exercise supplies. We leave it out inside the livingroom and an individual is on it at the least as soon as each day. It’s also simple to stash away when we’ve enterprise. It’s exciting and a nice addition for the watch tv/exercise routine.

It is well worth the money. This wobble board is durable, and easy to adjust. Great for beginner to intermediate balance exercises. The board helps correct postural alignment problems and can be used in an number of different ways to stimulate stabilization adaptations.


Overall , this Fitter first 20″wobble board is a great product for beginner or mid level users of wobble boards.Highly recommend that set.