Dose Saw Palmetto Supplement Works for Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure increase the risk of heart failure, heart attack and stroke, so it is better to treat it in order to have long-term health. Someone take medications to lower the blood pressure,others try herb supplement such as saw palmetto supplement. Here we tell you does Saw Palmetto Supplement Works for Blood Pressure.

Saw Palmetto Supplement for Blood Pressure

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How it works?

Saw Palmetto is now a popular supplement in the US. At present, there is no scientific evidence about its effect to high blood pressure. But still many people believe it have negative effect on blood pressure. It is mainly because saw palmetto have great anticoagulant effect in the body, and have been used for high blood pressure in the past till now. Besides, it is proved that saw palmetto can inhibit the blood’s ability to clot by interacting with blood thinners, such as warfarin, clopidogrel and even aspirin.

What is the proper dosage for high blood pressure?

If you want to use saw palmetto supplement for blood pressure control. The recommended dosage of saw palmetto is 320 mg a day. You can take it in either a single dose or two 160 mg doses. But notice that this amount might affect coagulation of your blood and increase the risk of bruising or bleeding. Pay special attention while using that. If you plan to use saw palmetto supplement for high blood pressure treatment. Also reduce your sodium intake, losing weight, follow a healthy diet and increase your level of physical activity meanwhile.

Saw Palmetto Supplement Works for Blood Pressure control. It is usually considered to be safe if you take the above recommended dosages, but it might some Saw Palmetto side effects that you might pay attention to such as minor stomach, periodic headaches etc. Stop taking that if the side effect symptoms are serious.