Don’t miss these regular symptoms of bulimia

People with bulimia nervosa usually try to hide their behavior and do not want others to find that they are eating a lot and then purging it fast in order to lose weight. It is dangerous as bulimia will cause a lot of trouble, and if we do not find it earlier, there will be serious consequences and even cause death. In order to find a bulimia patient, and take care about the one you love, you should know the regular symptoms of bulimia as below.

  • A sudden change of bowel and urinary habits could be a symptom of bulimia. According to a research, bulimia patient may abuse diuretics or laxatives in order to lose weight, which might even cause constipation or incontinence.
  • Pay attention to the after meal behavior of your friend/family member if you suspect she has bulimia. The one with bulimia may perhaps make repeated trips for the bathroom in the course of a meal to purge her meals, eat an excessively huge amount of meals at a single time, hoard meals, or shower soon after a meal to hide the sound of vomiting. When the individual utilizes physical exercise in an effort to purge, the particular person may possibly workout vigorously before or soon after consuming to burn calories.

regular bulimia symptom

  • It is reported that eating disorder might cause changes in a person’s mood.Mood disturbances are also common symptoms to bulimia patients. Negative moods such as depression, anxiety or isolation can all be behavioral and mood symptoms together with bulimia.
  • Bulimia patients will often have puffy and swollen cheeks from repeated vomiting. There may also be light bruising around the eyes, broken blood vessels in the eyes, and scrapes or calluses on the individual’s knuckles from repeatedly shoving them down the throat in order to purge.
  • At last, tooth problems are also common to bulimia patients. As repeating vomiting brings stomach acid to the mouth and make damage to the teeth. The one with bulimia usually has teeth problem more or less.

Although there is usually not too much change on the body weight at the beginning on bulimia patients, there will be some changes to their behavior more or less. Take care of your family member/friend, and don’t miss these regular symptoms of bulimia.

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