Does white kidney bean extract work for weight loss?


For those who want to lose weight, taking supplement such as white kidney bean extract can be a good choice. Here we explain the relationship between this supplement and weight loss.

What is white kidney bean extract?

White kidney beans are some of the smallest of the legumes, but they’re also one of the tastiest.The extract of the white kidney bean is unique, as it contains properties that will stop your body from absorbing carbs into your system. The name of the extract is Phaselous vulgaris, and it’s very effective at preventing the enzymes in your body from breaking down the carbs.

How it works for weight loss?

It is approved that white kidney bean extract really works for for weight loss. Generally speaking, it is because of the below two reasons.

On one hand white kidney bean extract prevents carbs from being absorbed, meaning that it will prevent your blood sugar levels from getting too high. When there isn’t enough sugar in your blood to burn for energy, your body has to turn to its fat stores in order to be able to function. You’ll end up burning fat thanks to the white kidney bean extract, as it will prevent blood sugar from being created. This means you’ll get rid of the fat in your body more effectively.

One the other prevents carbs from being absorbed, meaning it will reduce the number of calories that you consume. Say you use the white kidney bean extract to prevent 75 grams of carbs from being absorbed by your body. Blocking this many carbs three times a day will help your body to absorb 900 calories fewer than you would without the kidney bean extract. All of a sudden, you have eaten 900 calories fewer than normal, which is excellent if you’re trying to lose weight. If you can consume 3500 calories fewer than your body needs, you’ll end up losing one pound. Doing this for extended periods of time will be the best way to shed pounds.

How to use?

White kidney bean extract is generically known as phaseolamin, and manufacturers have trademarked it under various names. One of the most popular of these products is Phase 2, which was the first nutritional ingredient permitted by the FDA to claim. Another white kidney bean extract called Ultimate Carb Control C-120X is extremely potent. Each tiny 2mg tablet can block a whopping 50 to 75mg of carbohydrates. That means you’ll need about three tablets per day to block 900 calories of carbohydrates.

Things you should pay attention to.
Weight Regain is another side effects of white kidney bean extract. Once the intake is stopped, the effect discontinues. While long-term use of white kidney bean extract has not been studied, and therefore is not recommended, weight loss is not expected to last past the duration of use without making additional healthy lifestyle changes.