Does Tribulus Work for Women?

Tribulus is mainly a supplement for men, but some research show that it have health benefits for both men and women. Here we discuss about the relationship between Tribulus supplement and Women for your reference.

tribulus work for women

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Tribulus for women has been shown to increase the level of certain reproductive hormones in the body. When given on certain days of their menstrual cycle to women with irregular ovulation, it may be effective in establishing normal ovulation. This can lead to improved fertility. Enhanced testosterone levels have also been observed when taking tribulus. These increased levels can enhance sexual drive in females. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has historically utilised tribulus within the type of a tonic as an aphrodisiac for both women and men.

It is reported that if women take tribulus supplement, the effect on testosterone is not the main aspect. It mainly works on the hormone oestradiol . Because of its effects on hormone balance, it may be used to treat menopause symptoms like hot flashes. Other symptoms connected with premenstrual syndrome may also be alleviated. Fatigue, insomnia and depression also can be reduced. It also operates on womens’ libidos, as its aphrodisiac qualities extend to both sexes. Tribulus increases and helps to regulate the ovulation cycle in ladies, and because of this it truly is deemed an herb that aids with fertility.

Here we briefly introduce Tribulus supplement and Women for you. Hope it can be helpful for you.