Does Tribulus Terrestris Really Works for Weight Loss

It is reported that over 50 of US people are overweight or obese. It brings high risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Now many people start to take supplements to lose weight. Tribulus terrestris is believed to have effect on weight loss traditionally. Does Tribulus Terrestris Really Works for Weight Loss? Here we explain that in detail.

tribulus terrestris for weight loss

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Tribulus Terrestris is also known as puncture vine. It contains saponins, glycosides, flavonoids, alkaloids, resins, tannins, sugars and sterols. It is widely accepted that the biologically active components of the herb are mainly steroidal saponins.

Tribulus Terrestris are often used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and sexual enhancement. However, there is not enough studies about the relationship between this supplement and weight loss.

What’s more , there is some study shows that Tribulus Terrestris May Not Affect Body Weight. It is reported that taking tribulus per kilogram of body weight daily over an eight-week period does not change body weight or burn body fat at all. So

So overall, there is not enough scientific evidence about the relationship between tribulus terrestris and weight loss. So if you want to lose weight, just try other product such as orlistat, and take supplement.