Does Apocynum Venetum Really Work for Blood Pressure?

Does Apocynum Venetum Really Work for Blood Pressure? Yes. Generally speaking, blood pressure is caused by lipid material which subsides on the intine of blood vessel and increases blood pressure resistance. Flavonoid of Apocynum venetum extract has efficiency to clean the rubbish in intine to prevent from oxidizing the blood vessel.

  • One one hand, apocynum venetum extract contains tannin which act like vitamin P that keeps and restores normal immunity of blood capillary. It prevents fat deposition in the vessel wall and improves the suppleness and elasticity and reduces serum cholesterol. High blood pressure is restrained by tannin of apocynum venetum leaf also it can works well in solving fat and protein. Apocynum venetum extract is extracted from natural apocynum venetum, so regularly considering apocynum venetum infusion can somehow stop the disorder of high blood pressure.
  • On the other hand, potassium of apocynum venetum extract adjusts acid-base equilibrium. Apocynum venetum contains calcium, potassium, manganese and other microelement. Potassium can adjusts acid-base equilibrium. It participates in metabolism of sugar and protein in the cell which lower blood pressure resulting from much sodium.