Do not skip breakfast to lose weight

When you first decide to lose weight, your first thoughts about how to achieve a new you are by cutting down on the amount of food you eat. Naturally many people decide to skip breakfast in order to lose weight. But here we warn you never to do this, and also tell you why below.

Breakfast helps avoid starvation mode.If your daily intake of calories is too low due to dieting then your body can enter starvation mode usually this is when the body is unsure of when it’s next meal is coming. You probably didn’t eat for a few hours before bed and by skipping breakfast there could be as much as a 14 to 16 hour gap between meals. With this large gap whilst skipping breakfast it might make it easier for your body to slip into starvation mode.

Breakfast starts up your metabolism. Whilst you was asleep your metabolism slowed down and you were using up only a very small amount of calories. Breakfast can help to break that low metabolism that you had during sleep kick start your morning and put some fuel onto the fire to make your metabolism burn at a higher rate.

do not skip breakfastIf you’ve skipped breakfast and managed to get all the way to lunch time then you’re probably feeling ravenous and will eat anything that’s in front of you. Our stomachs taking around 20 minutes to send messages to the brain that it is full and ready to stop eating. This makes it easy to eat more than what our bodies actually need. Skipping breakfast can lead to feeling more hungry at lunch time leading to a higher chance that you’ll eat too much at lunch time compared to what you would’ve had you just eaten some breakfast.

Eating a breakfast will give you higher concentration levels at work or school and that means better performance and higher achievements. Not only that but if you’re exercising later that morning then breakfast will give you more energy, leading to overall better workout performance. Whatever you’re doing a decent breakfast will make your motivation too.

Lets face it, being hungry makes you grumpy and being grumpy can affect the relationships with the people around us. So don’t skip breakfast and you won’t be hungry between that mid morning and lunch time gap. You’ll be a happier person to be around and your life will be just that tiny bit pleasant.

Many people just don’t feel hungry in the short amount of time that they have in the morning to get some food down. This is due to your body being used to getting its calories later in the day. You should attempt to eat something even if it is not the healthiest of breakfasts as eating something is probably better than eating nothing at all. Soon enough your body will get used to having something in the morning and you will probably wonder how on earth you ever skipped breakfast.