Diffuse fatty infiltration of the liver symptoms

Fatty liver disease is most often associated with alcoholism, but even you do not drink at all, you might have such problems as many other factors might cause it such as obesity, diabetes, elevated triglycerides, endocrine diseases and medications. Here we tell you diffuse fatty infiltration of the liver symptoms in detail.

Diffuse fatty infiltration of the liver

According to a recent research, most patients with fatty infiltration of the liver do not have any symptoms and do not have mild discomfort at all. The discomfort is usually described as dull or achy and is most frequently situated in the correct upper quadrant on the abdomen, or the space above and towards the appropriate in the navel and under the rib cage.

A liver enlargement is the most common sign of fatty liver disease. Enlargement may be demonstrated by the use of various imaging modalities such as ultrasound, CT or MRI. A physician can assess the liver’s size by means of a physical exam. However, these modalities do not distinguish fatty inflitration from other causes of liver enlargement, such as hepatitis. If the diagnosis is not clear, you might use liver biopsy to confirm.

Laboratory studies is a good way to determine the fatty infiltration of the liver by detecting the aminotransferases, ALT and AST, are mildly elevated. But you also should know that laboratory values may be normal in up to 80 percent of persons with fatty liver disease not caused by alcohol. Only Alcoholic fatty acid can easily be diagnosed by that as such patients is always with an elevation of ALT greater than AST.

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