Difference between Low Salt Diet & Low Sodium Diet

Usually we consider a low salt diet and a low sodium diet as the same thing. However, they do not mean the exact same thing strictly speaking. Reading our article here, and we will explain this to you in detail.

First we explain the definition of the two kinds of diet.

  • A low sodium diet program is eating foods that include little to no sodium at all. Sodium is discovered in table salt. Nevertheless it is also found in foods in other forms. A single need only to refer to food labels to find out that although a meals item may have no table salt added, it might nonetheless have an abundance of sodium. At times with the salty taste might be overpowered by other components, so it makes it less noticeable in instances.

low sodium and low salt diet

  • A low salt diet plan is usually a far more particular concept than a low sodium diet program. A low salt diet regime refers only to a reduction in culinary table salt use. Table salt, or sodium chloride, could be the consummate food additive which will be added to almost all the things to give it much more flavor. It really is especially helpful in flavoring meats.

By knowing the definition of low salt and low sodium diet, probably you have already know their different to some extent. Whenever one refers to salt, they are also essentially referring to sodium. Therefore, one can always substitute a low salt diet with a low sodium diet. The reason why we alway take low salt the same as low sodium is because the main source of sodium is just salt. So reducing the salt intake is the main target of sodium control.