Dangers of creatine

Creatine is a safe supplement to most people, but not always. Generally speaking there is mainly two kinds of people that could not take creatine supplementation. The dangers of creatines are mainly among the one with renal disease and with poly cystic kidney disease. Although it is pretty rare, we suggest you to consider more if you want to take creatine.

When we talk about the side effect of creatine, we mentioned that creatine supplement usually brings dehydration, and cause problem to the urinary tract. That is why we suggest you not to have it if you have renal disease.

And acute kidney failure is a serious danger of creatine supplement. If you take high doses of creatine, for example, 10 grams a day or more,rapid muscle breakdown will be caused and result damage to the kidney. Without treatment, kidney failure may result in death.

creatine dangersBesides,creatine is also not good for those who suffer from asthma as it can worsen symptoms. It is reported that some people may be allergic to creatine. And if these take creatine, there might be a rash, itching or shortness of breath.

At last, we suggest pregnant people do not take creatine. Although there is no research shows that there are dangers.

To most of the people, it is safe to take creatine, and if you are in one of the above situation, just come to doctor and ask for his advice. Probably you can still take a small amount every day, just follow doctor’s instruction, and avoid the dangers of creatine.