Daily calorie intake advice for teens

Teens are in the period of growth and development, so we should pay special attention to their diet.If they eat too much or too little, there will be result problems later on in life. It is important to know how many calories teen need per day, and help them manage and maintain a healthy weight. Here we share daily calorie intake advice for teens.

First of all, we need to know the significance of a healthy calories intake for teens. The one who is taken good care of have less weight risk, while the one who does not follow a healthy calories intake advice has more risk of weight problems. In order to keep teens healthy, we should pay attention to that always.

calorie intke teensCalories are important to the human body. We take calories from food, and transform it to energy and the necessary material for body development. As Teens’ bodies are going through intense physical changes, they need more calories than adults. Generally speaking, teenage girl’s daily calorie intake is around 2,200 while boy’s is 2,500 to 3,000.  You also can calculate your calorie intake manually or by our online calcurator(click to view).

All food contains calories, but some food is healthy but others not. To take the proper food is also important to teens. We do not suggest teens to eat junk food such as sugary snacks, pop and fast food, which tastes good but contains less energy. We suggest parents to take care of this, and keep the junk food away from your son or daughter.

Besides, exercise is always what we suggest doing. As well as taking within a wholesome volume of calories from meals sources like vegetables, grains and proteins as opposed to sugar and fat, teens ought to also monitor their calories in conjunction with the volume of working out they do.

All in all, daily calorie intake advice for teens is not only for teens, it is also for parents, schools, teachers and any other subject that takes care of teens. All of us should pay enough attention to this, and ensure their healthy growth.